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Did I just stutter??


Your face, sir


Tyler’s face in that last gif is priceless.





Klaine is a journey of…(x)


I want to thank mad moon riot for being such total sweethearts and making my 25th birthday so memorable and super fun. I love you guys a lot <3

katbeesly: WHAT A BABE. @miavonglitz

Hi, My name is Andria, I'm from Cyprus but I really want to go the USA... I can't live without music and I'm the hugest fan of Darren Criss... I can't even believe how much he's changed my life and I'll always be thankful to him for that.. but most importantly I want to thank him for introducing me to some of the greatest people that although I may never meet in person, I will always love and know that they'll always be there for me... I love you international family!! <3 You can talk to me... in english,greek,french or spanish!
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